Validity and acceptance of these terms and conditions

The current terms are applicable to all the agreements between PREMIUM TRAFFIC (hereinafter “PREMIUM” or “We”) and its customers, except when special terms and conditions or agreements stipulate otherwise.

These terms are regarded as accepted by the customer, even when they are contrary to his or her own general or special purchasing conditions. The latter only have binding effect upon us when we explicitly accepted them in writing. Our agreeing to the terms and conditions of the customer cannot under any circumstances be deducted from the fact that we accepted the agreement without objecting to the clauses that refer to the general or special conditions or to any other similar terms set forth by the purchaser.

Request for proposal (RFP)

Buyers should allow Premium at least three (3) business days to respond to RFP’s. Premium needs time to address questions and to ensure that inventory is available.


When an option is granted to a Buyer, the following rules will apply:

  • Each option cannot be fully guaranteed until the final signature of the IO
  • Premium can accept three (3) options for the same inventory. In such case, Premium will indicate to the buyers the option’s level in the list of options.
  • When a Buyer confirms an option into an order, holders of lower options in the list will be informed by Premium within 24 hours. Those holders will have the preferred right to confirm their option during the next 2 (two) business days from the date of notification, with a priority level equal to the position of their own option in the list. Without order confirmation from lower level option holders after 48 hours of notification, initial option confirmation will be turned into an order.
Insertion orders deadlines

Advertisers should send signed insertion orders at least five business days before the start of any campaign to help ensure inventory availability. Premium should confirm availability at least two business days before campaign start date.

Orders changes or cancellations

Campaigns can be postponed without additional planning cost 2 (two) times maximum. When buyers ask campaigns to be postponed more than 2 (two) times, additional planning cost can be charged by Premium. Campaigns that have already been postponed once cannot be cancelled.

Orders can be cancelled fully or in part only by sending a written (e-mail, fax or letter) notice at least 4 weeks before start date of campaign. If this deadline is not respected, following penalties will apply:

  • If cancellation notice is received between 4 and 3 weeks before campaign start date, penalty is equal to 20% of order value.
  • If cancellation notice is received between 3 and 2 weeks before campaign start date, penalty is equal to 50% of order value.
  • If cancellation notice is received between 2 and 1 weeks before campaign start date, penalty is equal to 75% of order value.
  • If cancellation notice is received later than 1 week (eq. 5 business days) before campaign start date, penalty is equal to 100% of order value.

Cancellation terms for mini-sites, sponsorships or other customized production must be agreed to on a case-by-case basis between Premium and Buyer given the special circumstances and additional work that such relationships require. Unless otherwise specifically agreed, production work, which has been completed by Premium, is non-cancelable and not eligible for refund.

Advertising materials | URL’s | Time deadlines

Definitions: Rich media banners include all banners that are not GIF banners.

Buyers and Premium should not assume rich media creative will work.

Advertisers must adhere to advertising materials submission deadlines to allow adequate time for testing before the start date. If results of the rich media test are not mutually acceptable to both buyer and Premium, then an agreed-upon “default” creative unit should be run in its place. That is why for each rich-media banner, Buyers will supply a default GIF banner.


  • Three (3) business days prior to start date for .gif, .jpeg banner creative
  • Five (5) business days prior to start date for any rich media including HTML Scripting.
  • Five (5) business days prior to start date for campaigns served via a 3rd party.

Should above mentioned deadlines not being met by Buyers, Premium will not guarantee the timely serving of concerned creatives. In that cases orders are considered to being started according to agreed orders. Undelivered impressions will not give right to any make good. Premium do only commit to start serving as soon as possible.

When submitted banner target URL is not reachable or is leading to any error message Premium will notify Buyer by e-mail and temporarily replace target URL by referring website homepage (if available) until initial target URL is made back available. Delivered impressions during the period of URL unavailability are considered as part of the order.

Creative modification

Premium will not edit or modify the advertisement in any way including, but without limitation, resizing the advertisement without Buyer approval. However, it is the Agency’s and Advertiser’s obligation to submit advertising materials in accordance with Publisher’s existing criteria or specifications. (cfr. IAB standards)

Posting Notification

Unless otherwise agreed, when banners post, an email should be sent to the Buyer including campaign name, banner name, date and time posted and confirmation of banners conformity with Premium’ specifications. This email must be sent to the person who signed the order within 24 hours after reception by Premium.

Report timing

Unless otherwise agreed and if buyers are not using a 3rd party adserving system to track their campaign, Premium will endeavor to deliver digital traffic reports to Buyer on a weekly basis. Final traffic reports will be made available to Buyers one week after the end of campaign at the latest.

Credits for impressions shortfalls

Buyer and Premium must mutually agree prior to start date to how credits derived from impressions shortfall will be resolved should this occur. Specifically, the approval process will apply to whether Premium will honor cash back to the Buyer or will apply an impressions make good for shortfall.

Terms of payment

All our invoices are to be paid by electronic funds transfer after 60 days. in case of delay or late payment, an amend interest of 12% is due, in addition to a fixed indemnification to the amount of 10% of the invoice amount, without the necessity of formal notice, with a minimum of 75.00 eur per invoice.

The non-payment of one of the invoices on the due date, the protest of a bill of Exchange (even if it was not accepted), all applications for concordat, amicable or judicial, all applications for the postponement of payment, even unofficial, or any other fact which demonstrates the customer’s inability to pay, makes the amount due of all the other invoices, even if they have not expired yet, immediately claimable, without the necessity of formal notice. In addition to that, Premium reserves the right in these cases to suspend all deliveries, without the necessity of formal notice.

Data collection: restrictions in 3rd parties

No party may collect or use, or direct, authorize or assist other persons or entities to collect or use, any data from a user, or a computer or device operated by a user, while visiting the websites provided by Premium services or products without the prior express written permission of Premium. For example, no data may be collected, used or transferred for purposes of retargeting, behavioral remarketing, or targeting any advertisements, segment categorization or any form of syndication which is related to the websites provided by Premium services or products, its content, or its users without the prior express written permission of Premium in each instance.

The data covered by this restriction includes, but is not limited to, data collected via any advertising unit, widget, pixel tag, cookie, script or other data collection process.

Any Data Collector is required to contact Premium at privacy at prem-traffic dot com and complete Premium’s data collector certification process. This may include providing additional information about the data being collected and data collecting technology being used; executing the applicable Data Certification Agreement; and certifying compliance with additional Technical Guidelines and Specifications.

Exclusive jurisdiction

Every dispute between the Buyer and Premium Traffic SAS is exclusively subject to French Law. The Paris Courts of Lax are competent. However Premium may appoint another tribunal.

Every dispute between the Buyer and Premium Traffic LTD is exclusively subject to United Kingdom Law. The London Courts of Lax are competent. However Premium may appoint another tribunal.

Modification of this general terms and conditions

We may modify this terms from time to time. We will notify you of changes by posting changes here, or by other appropriate means. Any changes to the terms will become effective when the updated terms are posted on the Services. Your use of the Services or your provision of personal information to use the Services following such changes indicates your acceptance of the revised Terms.

Last updated: 15/05/2018

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